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Defending Your Rights and Promoting Your Best Interests

The legal system is nuanced, and it requires extensive knowledge to appropriately navigate it. Successfully achieving your goals is not a straightforward task. As an attorney with decades of experience managing nuanced cases, attorney Max Factor is the driving force behind many successful legal resolutions. At our firm, you can find a single, reliable source of legal help, including cases involving:

  • Issues with your family’s legal conflicts, including divorce and child custody.
  • Parental rights, including paternity disputes
  • Spousal support and property division

As your attorney, Max Factor offers zealous and dedicated legal services that are proven effective. Our firm focuses on quality service and treats you with respect.

Experienced Care and Creative Solutions

As an attorney who has successfully brought cases to court, Max Factor knows valuable lessons about the law. He understands:

  • Every case is one of a kind, and so you must approach each legal case differently.
  • It takes dedication to ensure the court hears the truth.
  • A creative application of the law is key to continuous success.

At our firm, we use our wide array of knowledge to help find a solution that works best for you and your needs.

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