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Motion for Contempt and Enforcement

Contempt of Court can occur when someone fails to obey an existing Court Order. For a person to be in “Contempt of Court”, there must be: (1) a Court Order that clearly imposes an obligation, (2) an ability by that person to comply with the Court Order, and (3) a willful refusal by that person […]

What is an Examination Under Oath?

Examinations Under Oath Almost every insurance policy (“policy”) requires an insured to comply with certain requirements if there is any loss or damage to property which is covered by the policy. These requirements are usually identified as “Duties After Loss.” One of the most important Duties After Loss is an Examination Under Oath (“EUO”). An […]

Insurance Duties After Loss for Storm Claims

Insurance Issues Related To Storm Claims With Hurricane Season now upon us, it is important to be aware of some of the basic issues which can arise from the insurance coverage applicable to storm damages. Look for the duties after loss requirements in the insurance policy. Duties After Loss: Most insurance policies have a section […]

Gov. Scott Vetoes Alimony / Time-Sharing Bill

On April 15, 2016, Governor Rick Scott vetoed a bill which would revise Florida’s alimony and child sharing laws. The Florida Governor quickly made his decision after many supporters and protestors spent time at the capitol in order to make their views known. The bill greatly affected the family law community due to its major […]

Florida Family Law Legislative Update – Alimony

Florida alimony changes are again on the desk of Governor Rick Scott, awaiting his signature. If Governor Scott signs the bill passed by the both the House and Senate, permanent alimony will be a thing of the past. The bill will require judges to use a calculation guideline when determining alimony based on the length […]

Florida Alimony Law May Change

The Florida law regarding alimony is up for consideration again this year by the Florida Legislature. A House bill aimed at effectively ending permanent alimony is heading to the House floor after clearing its final committee of reference on Thursday.The Judiciary Committee approved the measure (HB 455), sponsored by Republican state Rep. Colleen Burton of […]

Child Support

Florida law states that both parents are legally obligated to provide support for their minor child/children. Child support payment is considered a right of the child not the parent. The purpose of child support is to meet the the child’s basic needs for food, clothing and shelter, as well as to allow the child/children to share […]

What To Expect At My Family Law Mediation?

Clients often ask what to expect at a family law mediation. Family law mediations can involve many issues, including: dissolution or divorce; child sharing; child support; divisions of assets and liabilities; as well as, other family law issues that arise. Family Law Mediation What is mediation? Mediation is a process where a neutral third party, […]

What Can I Expect In My Divorce Case?

Clients often ask me, “what can I expect in my divorce case?” It is a good idea to explain the process of a dissolution case during one of the first meetings with the client, so he/she will know what to expect as the process unfolds. Although many clients make the comment, “my divorce case is […]

Appeals Court Rejects Lawsuit Sparked by Governor Scott

By: Associated Press February 23, 2015 TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A Florida appeals court is throwing out a lawsuit challenging a law that lets elected officials place their assets in a blind trust. The court did not rule on whether the law is constitutional. Instead the three judges with the 1st District Court of Appeal […]