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The Florida Fifth District Court of Appeal recently issued an opinion on this issue. In Botee v. Southern Fidelity Insurance Company, the court was faced with the question, “will a homeowners policy cover arson of a vacant house?” The court’s opinion regarding the arson of a vacant house was filed on February 6, 2015. The […]

Attorney Advertising Rule is Unconstitutional

Florida Attorney Advertising Rule is Unconstitutional. On December 8, 2014, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, decided that Florida Bar Rules  4-7.13 and 4-7.14 are Unconstitutional.  Rules 4-7.13 and 4-7.14 as restated in the Guidelines completely prohibit all reference to past results in attorney advertising in indoor and outdoor display, television […]

Florida Alimony

Family law involves several different areas. One area of family law is dissolution of marriage. When handling dissolution cases, client’s often ask whether alimony is available in Florida. Often one of the parties in a dissolution matter believe they have a need for financial assistance from the other party. That financial assistance is called alimony. […]

Insured’s Election of Non-Stacking Uninsured-Motorist Coverage

The Florida Supreme Court recently issued an opinion regarding whether a Named Insured’s Election of Non-Stacking Uninsured-Motorist Coverage is Binding on Behalf of all Insureds. Many people need to be reminded of the difference between Stacked and Non-Stacking car insurance. Stacked insurance is a method to increase your amount of auto coverage for underinsured and uninsured motorist […]

Scott, Chris slug it out in final debate

That’s one take-away from the latest Quinnipiac University survey released Wednesday. The poll found both candidates knotted in a dead heat with 42 percent support apiece. Scott, the Republican, captured 46 percent of men surveyed compared to 38 percent for Crist. Flip the gender, and Crist carries 45 percent of women voters to Scott’s 39 percent. […]