On Friday, January 2, 2015, the US Supreme Court on declined a request from Florida officials to postpone the date when same-sex marriages can begin in the state.

As reported by NBC News, in August, a federal judge declared the state’s ban unconstitutional, but that order was put on hold until Jan. 5. The state asked the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to delay the date, and when it refused, the state went to the Supreme Court.

Friday, without comment, the justices declined to grant the delay. Justice Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia said they would have granted it. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said she respects the court’s decision.

“Regardless of the ruling it has always been our goal to have uniformity throughout Florida until the final resolution of the numerous challenges to the voter-approved constitutional amendment on marriage,” Bondi said in a statement. “Nonetheless, the Supreme Court has now spoken, and the stay will end on January 5.”

As a result, same sex marriage and divorce is now legal in the State of Florida. Next month, the court is expected to review appeals of recent same-sex marriage rulings. If the justices act in time, the issue could be heard during the current court term.

Reported by Pete Williams of NBC News