Hurricane Claim Checklist

If you feel like the process of managing your insurance claim is to much to handle, intimidating, or if you feel your insurance company is not treating you fairly, you should consider contacting an attorney who will represent your interest. Your attorney will work directly for you, not the insurance company.  An attorney can handle every aspect of your claim and meet with your insurance adjuster, contractors, and anyone associated with the claim. The goal of your attorney is to negotiate the best possible settlement for your damaged property.  Below is a checklist for filing a Hurricane Claim:
  • Ensure the property is safe to enter prior to entering. If there is standing water still in the home, do not enter unless you have an electrician inspect and turn off all power.
  • Get in touch with your insurance agent and/or your insurance company to file a claim. Don’t delay. Even if you have not figured out exactly what your damage or property loss is, let your insurer (or authorized agent/broker) know right away that you have sustained a loss. Do this in writing.
  • Request a copy of your policy be sent electronically to you in pdf format.  You will need to review your entire policy for an understanding of what you are entitled to and what you are responsible for under your policy, including if the event is even covered.
  • Do not begin cleanup, repairs, or throw anything away until you notify your insurance company!
  • Take extensive photos and videos before and during the inspection of the building, damaged personal property, cleanable items, structural damage, and the standing flood levels of water in the house.
For the rest of this checklist, please click here.
If a homeowner is forced to hire a lawyer to sue a homeowners insurer because the insurer did not pay enough for a claim, and the homeowner wins that lawsuit, then the homeowner is entitled to his or her attorney’s fees to be paid by the insurance company.
If you have any questions regarding property damage caused by a storm and/or related insurance claims, please contact my office for assistance.
Types of Perils Likely Covered:
Wind-driven water
Loss of Utilities
Types of Losses Likely Covered:
Cost of preventative actions taken (e.g. boarding up windows)
Cost of temporary or emergency repairs
Cost of approved temporary lodging
Value of various personal property (subject to some limitations)
Value of refrigerator contents
Cost of authorized permanent repairs
Cost of damaged tree removal
Perils and Losses Likely Not Covered or Only Limited Coverage Available:
Damage due to flood water
Unauthorized permanent repairs
Travel costs
Ordinary living expenses
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