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Holiday Time-Sharing: Travel Considerations

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

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The most wonderful time of year is upon us once again! Most families are planning holiday get togethers, finalizing Christmas visitation schedules, and some are making travel plans. Many parenting plans require flexibility during the holidays to ensure children receive ample time with both sides of the family.

Most of the time holiday time-sharing can be worked out between parents and the court even encourages such, but there are a few things to consider if making holiday travel plans this year!

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COVID-19 Restrictions On Holiday Time-Sharing Plans For Co-Parenting

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to loom over Americans throughout many aspects of life. Traveling restrictions are just one of many things we must continue to consider during this time. If planning flights, be sure to check for any COVID-19 related requirements, such as proof of vaccine or negative COVID-19 tests, and masks. Many places abroad also have their own COVID-19 restrictions in place and may include mandatory quarantine upon arrival if not fully vaccinated. If your children are not vaccinated, and it is required for travel, now may be the time to decide whether this is the best decision for your children. If you and your co-parent are disputing about whether to give your children the COVD-19 vaccinations, a family law attorney can help you argue your case in family court.

Out-of-State Travel & Holiday Time-Sharing Plans For Co-Parenting

Lots of families travel throughout the country during the holidays. Many must cross state lines to visit family or other loves ones who live in other states. Although, this isn't always an issue, check your parenting and time-sharing plans to ensure that interstate travel is not prohibited. If it is, now is the time to file a petition to modify your parenting and time-sharing plan. A family law attorney can help you draft up and file a petition to modify your parenting plan and help represent your case before the court. Parenting plans are ever changing documents, so don't get hung up on an old prohibition! Contact a family law attorney right away to ensure you can travel freely during the holiday season.

Creating Holiday Time-Sharing Plans For Co-Parenting

Most time-sharing schedules are set-up to provide stability for the children. This typically means a set times-sharing schedule of week on week off, or a rotation of days throughout the weekdays and weekends. However, holiday time-sharing should be flexible. The courts encourage flexibility during holidays, spring breaks, and summer vacations. Cooperation between co-parents is paramount in ensuring the children are able to fully embrace free time with both sides of the family and to enjoy new experiences that may arise.

What If The Other Co-Parent Is Not Working With Me?

If, for whatever reason, your co-parent is rigid when it comes to holiday time-sharing you may need to revisit your parenting plan to modify current stipulations. This can be done through a modification of the current time-sharing plan. Once you file a petition for modification of the current plan you can try to settle your time-sharing disputes through mediation.

If an agreement can't be made through mediation, a family law judge will determine whether to grant any requested modifications. In either scenario, a family law attorney can help you throughout the process and will be an advocate in helping you present your case.

The holidays are a time for family, fun, and festivities! If you've found yourself feeling a little less than jolly this holiday season due to time-sharing issues, contacting a family law attorney can brighten your spirits.

Contact A Family Law Attorney To Review Your Holiday Time-Sharing Plan

Max Factor Law has over 25 years of experience helping families just like yours navigate child custody aspects such as parenting and time-sharing plans. You need a trusted ally who understands Florida's family laws and one who understands how important equal time with both sides of the family is. Contact Max today to schedule a consultation and let's make your Christmas merry this year!


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