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Learn About Adultery

Adultery (n):

the act of cheating on a spouse; participating in infidelity and breaking the vows of marriage

If you commit adultery are you entitled to half in a divorce settlement?

If you are concerned about adultery affecting property division in your divorce, most judges will look at the financial costs accrued in order to commit the extramarital affair.  One of the largest tasks in a divorce proceeding is the division of marital assets.  If you feel like you need assistance with this process and are curious how your affair or your spouse's affair will affect your divorce, it's best to set up a divorce consultation with a knowledgable divorce attorney who can help you.

half if adultery

My spouse committed adultery; what do i do?

If you never thought you'd say "My wife committed adultery, what do i do?" or "My husband is cheating, can i file for divorce?" you join thousands of Americans who find themselves in a new season of life that can bring about many changes and typically a lot of worry and concerns for the future.  The best way to avoid the harder parts of the divorce process is to hire a skilled divorce lawyer in Tallahassee that can help you navigate the dozens of nuances that come with divorce in Florida.

Spouse comitted adultery

I committed adultery; can I file for divorce?

Infidelity, adultery, cheating, affairs -- however you name an extramarital affair, the result is typically the same-- the end of a marriage due to one of the spouses wishing to end the marriage because of the new relationship.  If you find yourself in a situation that you feel needs to be resolved, our firm can help.  Filing for divorce can be a tedious, lengthy process and having the help of a skilled attorney in family law in the state of Florida provides you with support you will certainly need, whether the case goes to court or can be settled during attorney-assisted mediation.

i cheated can i file

What is considered adultery in a divorce?

The state of Florida considers adultery a crime and it can actually be a misdemeanor charge if your spouse were to catch you in the act with law enforcement.  Text messages, bank statements, facebook messages, can ALL be subpoenaed in divorce court.  See FL Statute 798.01 for more information.

The state defines adultery voluntary sexual intercourse with another person other than your spouse.  This can affect custody, alimony, and property division.  Each case is different and Max Factor Law is ready to look at yours.

what is considered adultery

If your spouse cheats, what happens in divorce?

Florida is a "no fault divorce" state; which means either party in a marriage may seek a dissolution of marriage without needing to provide a reason.  BUT - if there is an affair that has led to the divorce, it will probably play a role in how the divorce trial or mediation will transpire.  

If you want to explain your situation to a confident family law attorney in the state of Florida, Max Factor Law in Tallahassee is ready to provide you with empathetic support for your situation.

if spouse cheats what happen

Consultations with Max Factor Law cost $200.00.

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