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Child Support Articles

Child Support

Child Support Arrangements Impact The Whole Family

Children are a parent’s priority. This is true whether you are newly divorced, have children from multiple marriages or have never been married. The logistical and emotional issues involved in parenting are draining, but a well-coordinated and thoroughly considered support agreement can provide a financially stable environment your child needs.

The Max Factor Law legal team focuses on family law solutions that serve your best interests. Whenever possible, we achieve outcomes that provide the maximum level of reliability and that minimize chaos and tension. Our experienced lawyers can help you prioritize your needs and adequately provide for your child.

Child Support Decisions Are Made With The Child’s Best Interest In Mind

You likely are familiar with the phrase “best interests of the child.” This is important to keep in mind during child support negotiations. The court cares about the child’s ability to access basic needs, obtain educational opportunities and maintain their way of life. While child support should be fair to both parents, the child’s financial state is tantamount.

With this premise in mind, the court evaluates a number of factors during alimony disputes, including:

  • The child’s current residence

  • Who historically has been the primary caregiver

  • What capacity both parents have to care for the child

  • Potential job growth and earnings

  • The parent’s finances and assets

Whenever possible, Child Support Attorney Max Factor helps parents navigate these issues outside of court and reach a place where civil co-parenting is possible. When an agreement is not possible, he is a fierce courtroom representative.

Help Your Family Move Forward At Max Factor Law

Our offices are ready to help you. You can schedule an appointment by calling our office directly at 850-577-1699 or by completing our online contact form. Get a passionate and wise attorney on your side.

Child Support Articles

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