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Back To School: Time-Sharing Considerations

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Summer vacations are winding down and back-to-school shopping has begun! Many parents with shared custody deviate from their formal time-sharing plan or take a more relaxed approached to scheduled time throughout the summer. This allows the children and parents more freedom for fun and activities. However, as the school year approaches it may be time to reconsider time-sharing schedules to ensure a smooth transition back into a routine.

A few things to consider when determining the best time-sharing schedule throughout the school year:
  1. parents work schedule

  2. children's extracurricular activities

  3. transportation to and from school

Parents Work Schedule

Time-sharing schedules should always be in the best interest of the children. Parents should take into consideration the stability of their work schedule when it comes to providing a consistent routine for their children. If a parent has an erratic or unpredictable work schedule it may be beneficial for the children to remain with the other parent during the school week. Over time parents may accept new job opportunities or their current job responsibilities may shift. It's important to revisit your time-sharing schedule frequently to ensure and encourage the best outcome for your children.

Children's Extracurricular Activities

The beginning of a new school year typically means resuming many extracurricular activities for children after the summer break. Time-sharing schedules should include an agreement as to how parents will divide the responsibility, both physically and financially, to provide these opportunities for their children. Perhaps, your time-sharing agreement was originally documented when your children were much younger and now needs to be revisited to include such. Amending your time-sharing schedule should be simple if both parties agree.

Transportation To and From School

Florida is a wonderful state to live in when it comes to school choice for parents and children. One important thing to consider when deciding on the perfect school for your children is how the children will get to school. If one parent lives in the preferred school zone location, this may be taken into consideration when deciding which parent the children should stay with during the school week. Living within the school zone ensures available public transportation to and from school. That isn't to say that a parent outside of the school zone should relinquish overnight stays during the school year, but it is something to consider. If a parent living outside of the school zone is able to provide transportation to and from school, even better. School attendance is important for children to thrive in their educations and a time-sharing agreement that provides the best case scenario in that aspect should be decided upon.

These are just a few of the things parents must consider when determining their time-sharing schedules during the school year. An experienced family law attorney can help you navigate these decisions and many others. Max Factor has practiced Family Law in Tallahassee, Florida for over 25 years. His vast knowledge of divorce, child custody, child support, and time-sharing brings the kind of experience needed to make time-sharing schedule changes easy.

Contact Max today to schedule a consultation before school starts!


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