Child Custody

Are you looking for the Best Child Custody Attorney in tallahassee? Then hire Max Factor, a premier family law attorney in the capital city.  Max has worked with families for over 25 years in Child Custody cases and knows the children come first.

For parents who are separated, divorced or never married, custody issues can play a big role in your legal situation. Determining who is responsible for your child’s care, including who is authorized to make decisions on their behalf, is one of the most important issues a parent will ever face in court. In some cases, the tensions and conflict involved can create serious difficulty. Attorney Max Factor is an exemplary professional with the knowledge and skill to represent you.

A child’s best interests are at the heart of any custody issue. At Max Factor Attorney At Law P.A., we take this responsibility seriously and will represent you and your child’s interests effectively to the court. Our goal is to find a co-parenting agreement that best serves your child and your schedule while respecting your financial and time commitments. Contact us at 850-577-1699.

The court is focused on your child’s health and development, not the parents’ comfort. This is an important point. Regardless of how contentious your divorce or how much you dislike your ex, the court’s default position is that parents should be present in their child’s life whenever possible.

Our firm is diligent and will ensure your voice is heard. We help evaluate your case and can give you a pathway to success that adequately considers:

  • Your child’s education and medical needs

  • Your work schedule and care capacity

  • The relationship between you and your co-parent

  • The financial burden and equitable care needs involved

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