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What Does The Court Look For In A Child Custody Case?

In Florida's Family Courts, they have changed the term "child custody" to the terms (plural) "Parental Responsibility" and "Time-Sharing." It "describes a parent's responsibility and right to make decisions about their children's health, education and well-being." 


In Florida, The Family Courts determine who gets custody of the child in a time-sharing, parental responsibility case.

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For parents who are separated, divorced or never married, custody issues can play a big role in your legal situation. Determining who is responsible for your child’s care, including who is authorized to make decisions on their behalf, is one of the most important issues a parent will ever face in court. In some cases, the tensions and conflict involved can create serious difficulty. Tallahassee Family Law Attorney Max Factor is an exemplary professional with the knowledge and skill to represent you.

Not just the courts, but for every one here at Max Factor Law, a child’s best interests are at the heart of any custody issue.


Our child custody attorneys take this responsibility extremely seriously and will represent you--and your child’s-- best interests effectively to the court.  Our goal is to find a co-parenting & time-sharing agreement that best serves your child while also keeping your schedule in mind, and respecting your financial and time commitments. 


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What Does The Court Look For In A Child Custody Case?

The court is focused on your child’s health and development, not the parents’ comfort. This is an important point. Regardless of how contentious your divorce or how much you dislike your ex, the court’s default position is that parents should be present in their child’s life whenever possible.

Our firm is diligent and will ensure your voice is heard. We help evaluate your case and can give you a pathway to success that adequately considers:

  • Your child’s education and medical needs

  • Your work schedule and care capacity

  • The relationship between you and your co-parent

  • The financial burden and equitable care needs involved

Your next question might be then...

Is Florida A Mother or Father State?

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How Long Does A Child Custody Case Take In Florida?

Determining how long your child custody case will take in Florida depends on which type of parenting plan & agreement you have. There are 4 types of Parenting Plans In Florida:

1. The Basic Plan

2. The Long-Distance Plan

3. The Highly-Structured Plan

4. The Safety-Focused Plan

Learn more about these different plans by clicking here.

How Do I File For Child Custody in Florida?

"You can agree on a time-sharing agreement in a settlement or submit proposed schedules in a trial for a judge or general magistrate to decide.

Florida courts emphasize the important of TIME-SHARING PLANS that prioritize children's best interests while supporting ongoing parent-child relationships." 

Read more about the 4 Steps For To File For Parental Responsibility in FL here.

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At what age, can a child choose custody in Florida?

In Florida, this is a widely discussed topic, as there is no true SET minor age that allows a child to choose his parental guardian unless there is due cause that one parent should be deemed negligent by the court to not have legal access to the child.

However, depending on the child's maturity level, Florida Family Courts take the child's opinion into primary consideration when determining the parental and time-sharing agreements in the courts.

How much does it cost to petition for Child Custody in Florida?

When you file for custody in the state of Florida, there are basic administrative fees that you will have to pay the court system to process your custody case in Family Court. 

In addition, if you have an attorney, mediator, or any outside assistance, there could be extra fees that go into the overall cost of the process to gain custody of the child.

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Can I get Full Custody of my child without going to court in Florida?

There are two types of "Sole" Custody situations in the Florida.

1- Sole Legal Custody is where one parental figure or guardian makes all parental responsibility decisions for the child. 

2 - Sole Parental Custody is where the child lives with one parent full-time, but sees the other parent.


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Can A Father Get Custody Of His Child in Florida?

  • Can a Mother Keep The Child Away From The Father?

  • If Florida A Mother or Father State?

  • Which Parent Gets Custody in Florida?

  • How Is Child Custody Determined In Florida? 


Regardless of how you ask this question the answer is the same, WHAT IS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD.

Set up a consultation with our qualified family law attorneys to get help today.

Types of Child Custody In Florida

Child Custody Terminology To Know

  • Legal Custody - The responsibility to make big decisions, e.g., about school and medical treatment.

  • Physical Custody - The responsibility to house and care for your child as a custodial parent.

  • Sole Legal - Only one parent can make major decisions about the child's life.

  • Joint Legal - Parents make major decisions about the child's life together.

  • Sole Physical - The child lives with one parent. The other still has parenting time in nearly all cases.

  • Joint Physical - The child lives with each parent for substantial amounts of time.

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Types of Child Custody
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