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Social Media
& Divorce

Numerous questions about social media & divorce have now become a part of divorce proceedings.  You may be surprised to learn that what you say and post online can have a huge affect on your divorce.

  • Can Facebook messages be subpoenaed for divorce?

  • Can Facebook messages be used in Family court?

  • Can deleted Facebook messages be used in court?

  • Can you use Facebook private messages in court?

  • Can deleted Facebook messages be recovered with subpoena?

Text messages, bank statements, Facebook messages, can ALL be subpoenaed in divorce court. Change all of your online passwords. 


Can Facebook Messages Be Subpoenaed In Divorce?

Yes, if the messages can be produced from verified accounts that show or document evidence or can help establish a timeline of events, the court has the right to subpoena Facebook or any social media messages.



Max Factor Is Ready To Help

Are you struggling with divorce proceedings and are worried that your Facebook messages and posts will have a negative affect on your divorce?

Today's new social media craze has shaped family court.  Contact us today to get help with your divorce.

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