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OUTSTANDING! Don’t like lawyers much, but I had an issue that Factor was perfectly suited to handle. He did it for a reasonable price. Everything was done on time. Smart guy who really helped alot. Will use him again in the future.


The lady in the office was loving… she had a hug when I needed it the most and didn’t judge me… Max was knowledgeable and explained it for me to understand…


As with any situation, you always feel that there is a certain degree of uncertainty. 

However, Max truly exhibited a high degree of confidence and calm. His work ethic was impeccable. I was truly surprised how diligent, thorough, and complete his work was.

Defending Your Rights and Promoting Your Best Interests

The divorce process in Florida is nuanced, and divorce proceedings requires extensive knowledge to appropriately navigate. Successfully achieving your dissolution of marriage goals is not a straight-forward task. As a Tallahassee Divorce Attorney with decades of experience managing nuanced cases, Max Factor is the driving force behind many viable legal resolutions dealing with divorce, child custody, child support, property division, alimony, and paternity.

At our firm, we provide you with a wealth of knowledge surrounding matters such as:

  • Issues with your family’s legal conflicts, including divorce and child custody.

  • Parental rights, including paternity disputes

  • Spousal support and property division

As your divorce attorney, Max Factor offers zealous and dedicated legal services that are proven effective. Our firm focuses on quality service and treats you with respect.

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