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  • How do I get a divorce in Florida?

  • Can I get an annulment in Florida?

  • My spouse makes the money in our family.  Am I entitled to alimony?

  • How do I fill out free divorce papers?

  • What is family law mediation?

  • I think my husband/wife is planning to file for divorce.  What should I do?

  • What is a prenup?

  • What if I can't afford an attorney for my divorce?

  • My spouse committed adultery.  How will that affect the divorce?

  • What if my ex-wife won't follow our custody agreement or divorce order?

  • How can I increase child support?

  • The Mother/Father of my children wants to move. How will this affect our time-sharing agreement?

  • Can a convicted felon get custody of his child?

  • What is the difference between a divorce lawyer and attorney?

divorce faq's
  • I have been served with divorce papers, what happens if I don't respond?

  • What is a substantial charge in circumstances and why does it matter?

  • If I file for divorce, does my wife have access to my retirement savings?

  • What is a Marital Settlement Agreement and should I try to draft one myself?

  • We have tried everything to make it work but I want a divorce.  Where do I start?

  • Can you subpoena Facebook messages in a divorce?

  • I'm in the military. How will that affect my divorce?

  • I own a business. How does this affect my divorce?

  • If I file for divorce, will I get "full custody" of my kids?

  • How do I get emergency custody of a child?

  • How much does a divorce attorney cost?

  • I want to pay less in child support. What do I need to do?

  • How does the Department of Revenue get involved in child support cases?

  • Father's Name is on the birth certificate. What are his rights?

  • How can I stop child support garnishment?

  • My children's mother won't let me spend time with them. How can I protect my rights as a father?

  • Can I get temporary child support or a temporary parenting plan while my case is pending?

  • How does a felony conviction affect child custody?

  • Can I receive child support without a divorce?

  • My child's father stopped paying child support. What can I do to make him pay?

  • Can child support seize your bank account?

  • Is it better to have a female or male divorce attorney?

  • Who pays for wife's divorce attorney?



Let's define what a successful divorce outcome looks like to you and work toward it. 

We don't want to simply 'get you through' your divorce... We want you to feel confident when your divorce is final.

Common Divorce Questions:

  • Will I receive alimony?

  • Is my ex required to pay child support?

  • How do I determine marital assets?

  • How long does it take to get a divorce?

  • Do I need an attorney to get a divorce?

  • I want to file for divorce. Where do I start?

  • How do I file for child custody?

  • What is mediation and is it required by courts?

All these divorce questions and more can be answered during one of our consultations or by reading more at our divorce information page, where you can find divorce blog articles, information on alimony and child custody & support, and links to our Divorce Facts With Max Podcast.


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The divorce process in Florida is nuanced, and divorce proceedings requires extensive knowledge to appropriately navigate. Successfully achieving your dissolution of marriage goals is not a straight-forward task. As a Tallahassee Divorce Attorney with decades of experience managing nuanced cases, Max Factor is the driving force behind many viable legal resolutions dealing with divorce, child custody, child support, property division, alimony, and paternity.

At our firm, we provide you with a wealth of knowledge surrounding matters such as:

As your divorce attorney, Max Factor offers zealous and dedicated legal services that are proven effective. Our firm focuses on quality service and treats you with respect.