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Can You Expedite A Child Custody Appeal?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Child custody decisions in Florida are made at the time of divorce, based on the information available to the courts. But what if the circumstances have changed since the time of the divorce? In such instances, you may seek to appeal a prior child custody decision.

Appealing a prior ruling as to the custody of your child is something that you can take up with your local county’s court of appeals. Sometimes, however, you may have reasons to seek an expedited decision. It may be that your child is no longer in a safe living situation, or it may be that there is another issue that needs quick resolution.

Utilizing The District Court

When you need a speedy resolution to your child custody appeal, it is possible to get the matter expedited by filing through the Second District Court of Appeal. The District Court of Appeal of Florida has stated that it can provide this service if you are able to provide your appellate case number with a notice titled “Notice of Custody or Visitation Issue.”

It is important for you to be very specific in your notice, or else the District Court may not be able to determine the reason why you are filing through them. In previous instances when the court received only a copy of the order being appealed and a notice of appeal, it was unable to determine what exactly was at issue.

This article is to help inform you about the best way to expedite your child custody appeal, and should not be taken as legal advice.

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