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Ensuring Your Spousal Support Is Equitable

Alimony payments are often one of the most contentious post-divorce agreements. Both parties’ financial stability and livelihood are at stake. As your attorney, Max Factor is a strong advocate with passion and years of experience. Ensure you are cared for financially by obtaining a fair settlement.

At Max Factor Attorney At Law P.A., you benefit from our experience and attention to detail. We treat your case with consideration and commitment. Develop a strong strategy. Dial 850-577-1699.

What The Courts Consider During Alimony Disputes

Florida law provides for spousal support so that both parties in a divorce can have financial resources as they adjust to their new lives. The courts consider many factors when determining alimony payments, including:

  • How long you were married and if either party was a stay-at-home spouse

  • Each party’s earning potential, including any necessary job training

  • The age and medical needs of both parties

  • The parties’ comparative income and assets

As each spouse adjusts to their new lives, there may be substantial changes in your circumstances. In some cases, this may warrant a modification in your alimony arrangement. Our firm can help you find a suitable alimony agreement or help adjust your alimony when appropriate

Contact A Lawyer Who Can Help You

For help with alimony in the Tallahassee area, reach our office by phone or email. You do not have to wait. Take a proactive approach.

Alimony Articles

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