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Affluent Divorce

Protecting Your Interests During High Net-Worth Divorce

As you and your spouse begin your divorce, there are many nuanced considerations for which to account. As a couple with large investments or many assets, how you handle property division now can prevent serious consequences later, both legally and financially.

Why should you choose an experienced attorney? Your financial future is at stake during property division and divorce. Attorney Max Factor is detail-oriented and highly efficient. He respects your time and your particular needs. For successful legal counsel that focuses on your best possible outcomes, call Max Factor Attorney At Law P.A. at 850-577-1699.

Treating your Finances With The care you deserve

Many attorneys are ill-equipped to manage complex property division. Ensuring that your joint holdings and assets are properly recorded and properly divided is a complex task with many opportunities to go awry. Max Factor Attorney At Law P.A. can offer substantial legal aid, including:

  • Negotiating for an agreement that preserves whole assets whenever possible

  • Developing relevant buy-out options for large investments like property and businesses

  • Litigating when parties cannot reach a mutually beneficial agreement

  • Forensic accounting that discovers any hidden assets

For fully considered legal solutions you can trust, reach out to our office today. We offer comprehensive legal assistance, including both litigation and mediation services. A solution is just a phone call away.

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