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Summer Break: Time-Sharing Considerations

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

The school year is rapidly coming to a close which means you may be contemplating your children's summer break time-sharing schedule. Many parents commit to a rigid time-sharing routine throughout the school year and then make adjustments once summer comes around to give their kids, and themselves more freedom. If you are wondering if it's time to adjust your summer time-sharing schedule, here are a few considerations:

Summer camps or family vacations: If you are planning on sending your child to summer camp or have scheduled a family vacation, this may be a reason to adjust your summer time-sharing agreement. Normal time-sharing agreements may be interrupted if camps or vacations don't coincide with the usual time-sharing plan. Amending the time-sharing plan can help alleviate any confusion or last minute objections when it's time to head to camp or on vacation.

Time with extended family: Summer time is great opportunity for children to spend time with extended family who may not live nearby. Your children may interested in spending time with grandparents, aunts and uncles, or other extended family over summer break. In this case, a modification to your time-sharing agreement may be helpful in establishing calendars and travel arrangements.

Parents work schedule: depending on your line of work, you may be less busy in the summer time and have more freedom to visit with your children. On the contrary, summer may be your busy season and you might have less time to spend with your children. In both instances, modification of your time-sharing plan may be beneficial for both you and your children.

You live out of town: for many parents, the realty of having to live far enough away from their children that they don't get to see them often is an everyday reality. Summer time is a great chance to make up time with your children that you have missed throughout the school year.

Some parents may already include summer time-sharing addendums in their parenting plans. If you already have them in place be sure to check your plan for deadlines. Submit your requests to the other parent by the agreed upon deadlines for any pre-planned vacations or extended visitations. Although flexibility is always considered a best practice when deciding time-sharing schedules, it is best to follow stipulations within your parenting plan to assure you are in compliance should the need arise to address schedule conflicts.

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