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FAQ: What is Family Law Mediation?

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

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Definition of Family Law Mediation

A. Family law mediation is a common step within the divorce process. Family law mediation is an event where both parties (and their divorce attorneys if they have retained one) meet with a neutral 3rd party, the mediator, to try to come to agreements on common divorce issues.

Generally, most divorce cases will go through mediation prior to the judge issuing a final marital settlement agreement.

Types Of Mediation Topics

Mediation may include, but are not limited to, negotiations on the following topics:

  • alimony

  • division of assets and/or property

  • division of debts and/or liabilities

  • child support

  • time-sharing plans

Family law mediation is great tool to utilize during divorce proceedings, because it gives you a chance to have your wishes heard. Mediation allows both parties to resolve conflicts without having a judge decide the fate of your futures.

Your divorce attorney should be your advocate throughout the divorce process and this includes during family law mediation.

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