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Important Steps When Preparing For Divorce

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Article Sections:

  1. Division of Property

  2. Child Custody

For many families in Florida, a divorce seems like a personal matter that should be resolved between spouses. However, there is a lot at risk during a divorce, including your property, children and even your ability to keep your home.

We at Max Factor Law have seen many divorces end with one spouse in a bad position compared to the other. This sometimes results from one spouse not being prepared to deal with the process in court or not filing the correct paperwork.

Division of Property

While the court determines how a lot of property will be divided in a divorce, one thing that many people do not realize is that there are several factors at play that they can influence. The way you present yourself and the information you provide to the courts in a divorce proceeding can impact the court’s final decision.

Based on the information available, the court will make a determination as to what property is considered marital and what property is considered personal. From there, the court will make an equitable division of marital property. We have experience with many divorces, and we can advise you as to what information to share and in what form it should be shared, based on your specific needs.

Child Custody

Even if you think you are the one most fit to raise your children, the court may not see things the same way and will intercede in your child custody. The way you present yourself to the court is crucial in determining who gets custody of your children. You can learn more about how things work in divorce court by visiting our website.

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