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5 Things To Be Thankful For Throughout The Divorce Process

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

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Wedding days are full of excitement, wonder, and professions of love and gratefulness. No one ever enters into the contract of marriage with the thought of divorce in mind. Some of the things you may have been thankful for in the beginning may fade away. If you're going through divorce you may be having a difficult time finding hope in the process. It can be tough to remain positive when your marriage is ending. But, take heart. Finding things to be thankful for throughout the divorce process is possible!

No. 1: A Fresh Start

Often times, especially throughout a tumultuous marriage, one or both parties lose sight of themselves. Have you been trying to please your spouse into loving and accepting you? Or perhaps, you gave up on that, but still lost your spark? Now is the time to celebrate you, again. Life after divorce doesn't have to be dismal. You can be thankful for a fresh start! Revisit things that made you happy prior to the marriage. This could be a favorite hobby or past-time. You can also refocus on old goals that you may have put aside, such as college or career. Re-create yourself into who you want to be. You no longer have to take into account the opinion of someone who may not have your best interest at heart. A fresh start allows you to move forward in a positive direction for your future.

No. 2: Positive Memories

No matter how rough marriages end up, there are always points in the marriage that are happy and positive. Throughout life we continue to grow and learn and marriage provides many opportunities for that. Focus on the best experiences you had together. Remember the important lessons you've learned. All that you've gone through together contributes to the people you become on the other side. Cherish the good times, while also accepting the bad. Marriage is a journey, just as divorce is, and yours has led you to where you are today. It's okay to be thankful for the good memories!

No. 3: Your Children

Divorce may divide two people, but if they have children in common this is one thing to be grateful for. Children are a blessing and bring so much joy to life! Being thankful for your children can help to overcome any animosity you may have towards your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Cherish the time you get to spend with them as they grow-up. Focus on how to have a positive relationship with them, without being detrimental to their other parent. Remind them of how much they are loved regardless of current circumstances. And always remember you were specifically chosen to be one of their parents.

No. 4: The Opportunity For Divorce

Many people don't realize that the American legal system is much more gracious than some other countries. Today, there are countries around the world that still don't permit divorce, or still treat women as second class citizens. Understanding this reality brings new gratitude for the opportunity for divorce if need be. Over time the family law court has become more balanced in focusing on the rights and best interests for both parties involved. It is no longer one-sided when it comes to the division of marital assets, child support, time-sharing, or the wishes of parties involved. This is something to celebrate and never take for granted!

No. 5: Personal Growth

Divorce is not always an easy process. On top of the legal aspect, sometimes you have years of pain to unpack and process. Through all things we can grow if we choose to. We learn more about ourselves and other people. We realize what is important to us and what we won't settle for. Personal growth is an important part of both the marriage and divorce process and is definitely something to be grateful for. Therapy is a great tool to assist you throughout your personal growth journey. Finding happiness and hope on the other side of divorce is always the best outcome.

Max Factor Law is dedicated to making your divorce process as painless as possible. We want your experience to be positive and hopeful. Your future is important to us! With over 25 years of experience in the practice of family law, we understand the roller coaster of emotions you may be experiencing. We want you to know we understand, we support you, and we want to make sure that you are reminded throughout the process that there is a light at the end of this tunnel! To schedule your consultation give Mrs. Sandie a call today at (850) 577-1699 and let's get you on the path to being thankful, once again!

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