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Regaining Your Personal Life After Divorce

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Whether you've been married for 5 months, 5 years, or 5 decades, creating a separate life from your partner can be a difficult task to navigate during divorce. Marriage intertwines almost every aspect of your life with your partner's. Divorce can be painful and confusing, not knowing how to move forward in life without them. One of the first steps of divorce in creating your 'new norm' is to establish healthy communication boundaries so that you can start to experience personal autonomy once again.

Deciding how to communicate with your ex-spouse during divorce provides you the opportunity to establish a healthy boundary by giving you the power to determine the following:

  1. When you will communicate with your ex-spouse

  2. What reasons you will be open to communication

  3. Which means you feel comfortable communicating by

Reminder: You are no longer at the disposal of your ex and you have the freedom to decide how much of your energy you are willing to offer them.

It can be beneficial to treat your ex-spouse as you would a business relationship, only communicating about decisions that impact your finances, children, home, or other mutual interests. Choose to only respond when you are able to articulate your thoughts without feeling pressured to provide feedback. This will allow you to not only be in control of the conversation, but remove any emotional reactions that may otherwise complicate things.

Sharing children is the number one reason ex-spouses remain in communication after divorce. You may also have to discuss any joint finances, common property, or other assets at one point or another. This is part of the process and your divorce attorney can help you navigate how to best discuss certain issues. Remember, your lives are separate and you do not have to disclose what you are choosing to do for yourself on your new journey.

Oftentimes, electronic communication can be the most beneficial form of interacting with an ex-spouse. This keeps conversations short and to the point. Electronic communication also allows you to keep records of conversations. Your divorce attorney can provide you with particular types of electronic communications or apps that are admissible in court should you need to submit electronic records as evidence. Deciding on how your ex-spouse can reach you establishes a healthy boundary in communication by providing a barrier from unlimited access to you.

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